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Matte Mud - Sculpting Mud

Matte Mud - Sculpting Mud



This Matte Modder from Mr. Dutchman, is a sculpting pommade with a Medium Hold and a Matte Finish.

A mat, washable sculpting mud, made through a unique process in which naked wrestlers of the female kind step into a pile of mud and start wrestling until it becomes Matte Modder. Yes, it's for your head. 



Why does it work so well?

Whatever hairstyle you want, you can create it with Matte Modder. It works for you, instead of against you. Because most of the work has been done (by the wrestling beauty’s).



Put a little of Matte Modder in the palm of one of your hands and rub the hands over one another. Then get your habds through your hair and shape with your fingers or with the flat of the hand.Use the Matte Moder on well wrunged or dryed hair and wrestle with your fingers through the hair.

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